Knee Replacement Alternative

Dr. Rukeyser treats an athlete's hip with Active Release Technique

Can Active Release help patients avoid knee replacement?

As many of my readers know, most of our patients come to us because of a referral from a friend or family.  So when I asked a patient who was trying to avoid knee replacement this week how she heard about us I wasn’t surprised to hear that someone had referred her.  I was surprised when she said it was Dr. Bruce West!  “Dr. West is considered the world’s leading expert on the clinical use of therapeutic foods, plant and animal extracts, glandular extracts, and phytonutrients…” according to his newsletter website  I know him as the first medical physician I’ve heard that truly embodies the concept of ‘The Holistic Physician”.

After a little more questioning, it turns out that my new patient actually read about using Active Release Technique to avoid knee replacement in his newsletter and that prompted her to look for a certified practitioner in our area.

The Newsletter from 2011 talks about the growing trend of ‘Baby-boomers’ having hip, knee and other joint replacement surgery earlier and earlier.  This trend is often explained by the “more active” baby boomer generation as “a simple price to pay for years of sports and activities.”  But joint replacements, like knee replacements don’t last forever and an early joint replacement (ages 50-65) often means a second surgery at a later age.

Dr. West says that “most joint problems and pain are caused by soft tissue rather than bone- that means muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  These tissues can develop problems ranging from strains and sprains, to tears and scars over the years.”

He continues by suggesting that accompanied by proper nutrition, the key to treating painful joint problems is a healthcare provider who is skilled at addressing ligament, tendon and muscle problems.  “Perhaps the best technique of all [to avoid knee replacement] is the Active Release Technique… the healthcare provider finds the problem- whether it is a damaged muscles, ligament, tendon, fibrous tissue, or scar- isolates it like a pressure point, then takes your joint through its range of motion.  Holding deep pressure while taking the joint through its range of motion realigns the tissues in the joint, reactivates muscles that were not working properly, breaks away old fibrous growths and scars that result from old injuries and begins to allow the joint to work property once again.”  Says Dr. West.

At Vital Wellness Center in Stuart, Florida and Fort Pierce, Florida we have had success in treating hip pain, knee pain and shoulder pain that may have otherwise needed joint replacement.  The great success of the treatment is based upon the extensive protocol to address the myriad of tissues involved in an area combined with a comprehensive exam to evaluate any faulty movement patterns. To find a certified Active Release Technique provider in your area click here.

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