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How is Vital Wellness Center Different?

What do you do at Vital Wellness Center? Vital Wellness Center provides treatment for musculoskeletal complaints such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, IT Band pain among many other conditions. Our treatment is based upon a careful exam including x-rays (if necessary), and a complete biomechanical evaluation. Treatment consists of spinal and extremity (shoulders, knees, ankles, etc.) manipulation and adjustments, soft […]

World Championship Bound!

Mark Swart and Debra Daley are one amazing couple! For the second year in a row the two Treasure Coast triathletes are on their way to Las Vegas for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Vital Wellness Center, Stuart and Fort Pierce, Florida are very proud and honored to be a part of their training and preparation. With Functional Movement Systems and Active Release Techniques we are able to do our […]

Dr. Rukeyser, Stuart and Fort Pierce Chiropractor Featured on Morning News!

On Friday, August 9, 2013 Dr. Daniel Rukeyser of Vital Wellness Center.  Was featured on WPBF Morning News.  Dr. Rukeyser’s “in studio” interview covered basic strategies that residents of Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties can use to naturally improve their immune system.  He covered some common, healthy foods that are proven to improve immunity against waterborne illnesses.  And, with the worsening conditions of the St. Lucie River these […]

Dirty Water: Boost Your Immunity with Whole Foods

  With recent developments and questionable management of the Okeechobee waterway and the Indian River Lagoon, many Florida residents are asking themselves “Just how safe are our rivers and beaches for swimming.”  For open water swimmers like triathletes, these concerns go way beyond the occasional bathers or tourists inconvenience.  Nothing illustrates this like the “change of venue” of last week’s Treasure Coast Challenge, a Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon originally […]

Why Triathletes Need the Group Ride

Do You (really) know What “Dropped” is? Why you need to ride with the roadies. If you are a triathlete (or just like to ride by yourself for fun or training), you may be thinking that getting out for a group ride with the roadies is a dangerous waste of your time.  I mean, why train in a group and learn to draft if you’ll never use it in a […]

Stuart Florida Ultra Runner Loves Vital Wellness Center

When Jay told me that he was feeling so much better after a few treatments at Vital Wellness Center at our offices in Stuart and Fort Pierce I was very happy.  But when he said he felt so good he was going to run an Ultramarathon (100 miles) just two weeks before attempting to qualify for The Boston Marathon, even I thought he was pushing it! “Just wanted to give a big […]

Knee Replacement Alternative

Can Active Release help patients avoid knee replacement? As many of my readers know, most of our patients come to us because of a referral from a friend or family.  So when I asked a patient who was trying to avoid knee replacement this week how she heard about us I wasn’t surprised to hear that someone had referred her.  I was surprised when she said it was Dr. Bruce […]

High Altitude Training

High altitude training for Florida residents. This weekend I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe is a beautiful and special place sitting at about 7,000 feet.  This means that maintaining a triathlon training schedule takes on some additional challenges with high altitude training for a Floridian! Some things to keep in mind with high altitude training or competing in higher elevations: […]

Italian Traithlete Experiences the Benefits of ART

As an accomplished Italian Triathlete and a high profile CEO in the Italian fashion industry Steafano Massa is accustomed to working hard and achieving success.  But,  when he experienced a painful leg injury just days before the 2012 Ironman 70.3 at Augusta he believed his hard work was not going to lead to success this time. Stefano met Stuart, Florida Chiropractor Dr. Dan Rukeyser at the Active Release Techniques’ treatment team site just […]

ART Helps Ironman Triathlete Succeed at Kona

I was a competitor in the Ford Ironman World Championships on Oct 8th.  I met [Stuart, Florida Chiropractor] Dr. Dan in the ART tent the week before the race…I had issues with both shoulders and my right foot.  Dan fixed me up so well I went back 2 more times just to see him about the issue.  I really appreciated what he did for me because it gave me back […]