Sports Injuries

CRAIG ALEXANDER coming in to T2 at Kona 2011

CRAIG ALEXANDER coming in to T2 at Kona 2011

Whether your sport is Soccer, or Tennis or Golf…If you’re a swimmer, a biker, a runner or all of the above… If you’re serious about your sport you’re bound to feel the pain of injury or just “overdo it” someday! Vital Wellness Center is here to help.

Specially Trained Doctors

Our Clinical staff, including Doctors and Therapists are some of the best trained in the state. Going way beyond just “Continuing Education” we have accomplished Certification in a diverse range of therapies especially to treat difficult sports injuries.

Experienced Staff

Our Doctors and Staff have varied experience treating amateur and professional athletes. Our Clinical Staff includes a Certified Ironman Provider with experience treating world class athletes at the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. But, we’re just as happy at our local soccer tournament, triathlon, marathon or local bike event!

Functional Movement Systems

A system of analysis for all athletes and those people who’d like to begin an exercise program, Functional Movement Systems (FMS) is made up of a series of tests for overall body mechanics (called the Functional Movement Screen) and a second group of tests to diagnose specific injuries (called the Selective Functional Movement Assessment). Together, this complex system of diagnosis is used by Doctors and Therapist in nearly all National Football League teams and is the cornerstone of the care provided to all PGA tour golfers. We use FMS not only to diagnose and treat tough injuries, but to prevent injuries in our most dedicated athletes.

Active Release Technique

World famous among professional and amateur triathletes, marathon runners and National Football League players, Active Release Technique (ART) is a system of analysis and treatment of soft tissues like muscle, nerve, fascia and tendon injured by trauma or repetitive stress. Patients are often amazed that stubborn problems can be relieved quickly by ART even when other treatments have failed and surgery has been recommended.

Dr. Dan and Lisa.

Dr. Dan and Lisa.

I was a competitor in the Ford Ironman World Championships on Oct 8th. I met Dr. Dan in the ART tent the week before the race…I had issues with both shoulders and my right foot. Dan fixed me up so well I went back 2 more times just to see him about the issue. This was my 4th time in Kona and I ended up with a 7th place AG [age group] finish, a PR [personal record] and a Boston marathon qualifying time by 11 minutes on the run. Thank you so much, Dr. Dan!
Lisa W., Edmonds, WA

I went to Vital Wellness Center in Stuart because of a very strong pain in my neck and head. The pain went down my arm constantly and I could not sleep. I don’t know how the pain started but I am pain free after only three weeks of treatment with Dr. Rukeyser! I can sleep at night better than ever, I don’t take any pain pills now and I’m able to swim every day like before. I can now do anything I want and don’t have to worry about the pain!
Monika S., Stuart, FL

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