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Runners Getting Coffee

Ultrarunners – Mike Peragine, Will Glover and Addie Green In our first episode of Runners Getting Coffee, we talk with three Treasure Coast Ultrarunners.  Mike Peragine and Will Glover, two weeks out from competing at Badwater 135 and Addie Green who will be Mike’s Crew Chief join me at Bunkhouse Coffee in Jensen Beach. This video joins the Runners Getting Coffee conversation about two minutes in as we had just a bit of […]


Is your bucket-list about to get serious? Ultrarunning comes of age. “It wasn’t long after doing my first few marathons that I began to wonder what it was like to go beyond.  Glutton for punishment?… Maybe.”  Addie Green, Treasure Coast Ultrarunner began to look beyond the traditional Marathon’s 26.2 miles in 2013, just before interest in ultrarunning began to boom. An “Ultra” as it is usually called is any running race […]

Prevent Running Injuries by Building Fitness

Fitness as injury-prevention… got another “thumbs up” earlier this year when a British Journal of Sports Medicine article reported on a study of elite athletes.  The Australian study concluded that a gradual and consistent training schedule protected against injury even when intensity and volume reached very high levels.  This supports the idea that “graded” increases in volume and intensity works to prevent running injuries.  “The appropriately graded prescription of high training […]

Crossfit Phenom

Crossfit Superstar Opens Up About Injury and Recovery. Talayna Fortunato has been an athlete since she could walk.  Gymnastics since the age of four, a scholarship to Southern Utah University  and then a stint on the track and field team in her final year, Talayna is no stranger to hard work and dedication.  Upon graduating from PT school and landing her first job, Talayna began a new adventure, adding Crossfit […]

What is a Physical Therapist?

And, how are they different from a Chiropractor? Both Physical Therapists and Chiropractors work within the health care system to help people recover from injury, reduce pain and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  But Physical Therapists and Chiropractors are not the same.  So, what are the differences and how do you know where to go to get help? First, keep in mind that within both professions of Physical Therapy and […]

Sciatica Resolved!

Sciatica almost kept Steve out of the season… But after a few treatments at Vital Wellness Center his Sciatica is gone and he is back on the court! Stephen Lunsford has been a Nationally Ranked Top-Ten tennis player for the last eight years.  His 70 and over category is stacked with tough competition, but Steve is a perennial powerhouse and is currently ranked number seven in United States Singles.  So, […]

Dr. Dan Completes Ironman Lake Placid

Why Ironman Lake Placid?  Why Ironman? Well, if they used to call me “Dr. Ironman” for the time I’ve spent treating at the Ironman World Championships (Kona), I guess I’ve earned the title a bit more after Ironman Lake Placid. More than a few people have asked me why I chose Ironman Lake Placid as my first full Ironman Triathlon. And, it’s true that Lake Placid is one of the more […]

Vital's Swimmers Making the Laps Count

Perfect conditions for swimmers at the Aaron Vaughn Frogman Swim produced perfect performances… Cameron Anderson finishing 1st in the 5K Swim Our local swim stars, Harley Canada, Adeline Canada, Cameron Anderson and Emily Miller swept the board at the 4th Annual Frogman Swim this past weekend at Jensen Beach. The Frogman swim is a local open water swim at Jensen Beach that honor’s a memorable American, Aaron Vaughn. Aaron, a member of the […]

Swim Injury Can't Stop this Star

Sara is a superstar in so many ways… and we are so happy to have played a small part in her success thus far.  Swim Injuries can be tough because they are nearly always related to a bio-mechanical issue.  But when Sara showed up at Vital Wellness Center with a nagging hamstring swim injury, we knew she was serious about getting over it quickly.  And, that’s just what she did. […]

Low Back Pain Gone and Life Back!

After suffering for a year with Low Back Pain, Don felt relief after just a few visits… And now he has his life back.  Don is a very active retired man who enjoyed a very active lifestyle, until relentless low back pain seemed to sideline him for good.  Here’s Don’s story in his own words: “About a year ago, I hurt my back helping one of my kids move, a […]