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Dr. Brandon Levenick Joins Stuart and Fort Pierce Chiropractors

Vital Wellness Center is proud to have Dr. Brandon Levenick at our Stuart and Fort Pierce locations! Originally from Michigan, Dr. Brandon Levenick relocated to the Treasure Coast after graduating from Chiropractic school. Dr. Brandon Levenick brings his personal love and experience with golf to our Stuart and Fort Pierce patients.  As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Chiropractor Dr. Brandon enjoys helping his patients with golf injuries as well […]

Run for the Nest

Treasure Coast Athletic Community Comes Together to Run for the Nest. When does a group of people become a community?  I think it’s when our similarities, common interests and goals join us together in times of need.  We’ve seen it after tragedy hit in Colorado and Boston and now the community of treasure coast endurance athletes is coming together once again to help two of our own and Run for […]

Dr. Dan Completes Ironman Lake Placid

Why Ironman Lake Placid?  Why Ironman? Well, if they used to call me “Dr. Ironman” for the time I’ve spent treating at the Ironman World Championships (Kona), I guess I’ve earned the title a bit more after Ironman Lake Placid. More than a few people have asked me why I chose Ironman Lake Placid as my first full Ironman Triathlon. And, it’s true that Lake Placid is one of the more […]

Jensen Beach Florida Triathlon A Huge Success

Numerous locals who live the “TriLife,” come to participate in this local Florida triathlon Last Sunday, July 12, 2015, Jensen Beach Florida hosted it’s 3rd Annual TriLife  Florida Triathlon.  This years event was close to being sold out!  Many local triathletes from the treasure coast came to compete among many other athletes from all over Florida.  Vital Wellness has been a sponsor of this Florida triathlon since the TriLife event […]

Flavor Run Sponsored by Vital Wellness Center

Looking for a great family-oriented activity? Try Flavor Run Sponsored by Vital Wellness Center! Vital Wellness Center in Fort Pierce supports the health of our community!  What better way to get out and get healthy than this year’s Flavor Run Sponsored by Vital Wellness Center?  We believe that when families make it a priority to stay active together, we will all be healthier.  That’s why Vital Wellness Center is happy […]

Why We Opted Out of Florida Blue

I just got a letter from Florida Blue… are you now Out of Florida Blue? **UPDATE: THE FOLLOWING CHANGE DOES NOT AFFECT FEDERAL AND STATE FLORIDA BLUE PLANS, BLUE CHOICE PLANS OR ANY OUT OF STATE PLANS!!** Vital Wellness Center has been treating patients with Sports Injuries, Auto Injuries and Chronic Pain for over ten years. During that time Dr. Daniel Rukeyser has developed a unique approach to care. He […]

How You Do Anything...

You get what you train for… After completing my second marathon yesterday I really have to take my hat off to the real runners out there. The Breakfast Club friends and others who commit to training week after week without excuses. I can’t say I’m completely disappointed in my finish time, I did finish after all. But, I believe “How you do anything is how you do everything.” And mediocre […]