Dr. Brandon Levenick Joins Stuart and Fort Pierce Chiropractors


Vital Wellness Center is proud to have Dr. Brandon Levenick at our Stuart and Fort Pierce locations!

Originally from Michigan, Dr. Brandon Levenick relocated to the Treasure Coast after graduating from Chiropractic school.

Dr. Brandon

Dr. Brandon Levenick tees off.

Dr. Brandon Levenick brings his personal love and experience with golf to our Stuart and Fort Pierce patients.  As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Chiropractor Dr. Brandon enjoys helping his patients with golf injuries as well as other sports injuries.  “TPI is a great system to evaluate and treat all types of golf-related injuries, as well as help golfers improve their swing with specific treatment and exercise.” Dr. Brandon explains. “Many golfers don’t realize that some of the difficulty they may be having and some of the limitations in their golf swing may be due to correctable biomechanics.”

Golf pros often refer their players to TPI certified providers when changes in swing mechanics become difficult or impossible due to physical restrictions or weaknesses.  A complete TPI evaluation can reveal these problems and allow the player to overcome many longstanding issues.  This same evaluation can identify the cause of stubborn golf injuries and help prevent future golf injuries, like knee pain and low back pain.

Dr. Brandon Levenick is also experienced in the treatment of auto accident injuries.  He has extensively studied the biomechanics of cervical acceleration/deceleration injuries also called “whiplash”.  Dr. Brandon understands that early treatment of auto injuries can mean a much better outcome and a faster recovery.  By joining Vital Wellness Center, he joins a group of physicians with established referral networks.

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