Dr. Dan Completes Ironman Lake Placid


Why Ironman Lake Placid?  Why Ironman?

Well, if they used to call me “Dr. Ironman” for the time I’ve spent treating at the Ironman World Championships (Kona), I guess I’ve earned the title a bit more after Ironman Lake Placid.

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Dr. Dan with Simon

More than a few people have asked me why I chose Ironman Lake Placid as my first full Ironman Triathlon.

And, it’s true that Lake Placid is one of the more challenging Ironman courses, with it’s Adirondack Mountain bike course and a challenging run, not to mention the notoriously unpredictable weather.  But, I grew up in New York and went to college in Upstate New York so I knew how beautiful the area is and I just felt drawn to the race.  There is a lot of history there with the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.  That’s where the Miracle on Ice happened and many people probably thought it would take a miracle to get me through this Ironman!Ironman Lake Placid Bike

You could say that my body isn’t perfectly shaped for Ironman and I am more comfortable handling a kettlebell than a time trial bike.

That’s just it though, it’s the greater challenge that really interests me.  Professionally, I’m happy to take on a difficult case.  Tell me “I’ve tried chiropractic.” or “My doctor says I have to give up running!” and that just gives me more motivation to help. That’s what this sport is all about: Finding a way to make it happen even if the odds seem stacked against you.  That’s why we train and compete, it’s a way to build our will, our drive.

Dr. Dan Vital Wellness Center Fort Pierce

DR. Dan Training with Pavel in Sweden

Out there, while training for an Ironman, it often does seem impossible.  Negative thoughts creep in, “you’re not fit enough”, “you don’t train enough”…  Training and competing in long distance triathlon is a way to practice confronting with that negativity.  It makes you confront your demons.  And, as a good friend and World Championship Qualifier reminds me, “You’re gonna take a hit, you don’t know when or how it will come but it will come.”  So be ready for it and practice taking those hits and getting back up and moving forward, relentlessly until you make it to your goal. Ironman Lake Placid Finish Line

  That’s why Ironman Lake Placid.  That’s why Ironman.


  1. August 4, 2015  1:09 pm by Jerry Kyckelhahn Reply

    An excellent report Dan. I like the way you handles the kettleball comparison. Nice.

  2. August 4, 2015  1:10 pm by Jerry Kyckelhahn Reply

    Nice report Dan. I like especially the way you handle the kettleball comparison! Nice.

  3. August 25, 2015  11:22 am by melinda struwas Reply

    YOU ARE AWESOME...I love your philosophy and your passion for the challenges, especially in your field of expertise...that's why you are the best chiropractor

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