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Grant Maughan sits down with Dan on Runners Getting Coffee.

Grant Maughan is an Australian Professional Sea Captain who has summited over 14 “fourteeners” including Mount Everest in May of 2018.  He has completed Badwater 135, Moab 240, Iditarod 350 and Vol State 315, which he won in just over 94 hours.  He has qualified twice for the Boston Marathon, the first time on his first ever attempt at the Marathon distance and he completed two Iron distance Triathlons.

Dan and Grant Maughan

In this episode of Runners Getting Coffee, I sit down with Grant as he talks about what motivates him to do the “impossible” over and over again.  He reveals that he is afraid of heights!

The only way I can describe Grant’s philosophy on life is: He is a Stoic.  Finding the obstacle and using it to become better, Grant never seems to shy away from a challenge.  His intense integrity is clear. His respect for work shapes his life.

Find out…

  • How, as a 12-year-old buying a hang glider, Grant learned the importance of responsibility.
  • When he was almost killed by monster Aussie waves.
  • What happens to a man at 26,000 feet.
  • What pisses him off about ultra-runners these days.
  • How he feels about social media.

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