Italian Traithlete Experiences the Benefits of ART

Dr. Dan with Italian Triathlete Stefano Massa.

As an accomplished Italian Triathlete and a high profile CEO in the Italian fashion industry Steafano Massa is accustomed to working hard and achieving success.  But,  when he experienced a painful leg injury just days before the 2012 Ironman 70.3 at Augusta he believed his hard work was not going to lead to success this time.

Stefano met Stuart, Florida Chiropractor Dr. Dan Rukeyser at the Active Release Techniques’ treatment team site just two days before the race.  He was sure that he’d have to drop out, just walking down the hall for a bio-mechanics evaluation was terribly painful.  After just one ART treatment Stafano began to believe that he’d be able to race.  And, after the second treatment he was nearly pain free.

Stefano went on to race Augusta and come in 39th (out of 302) in his age group.  Dr. Dan also raced that weekend, his first 70.3.  This is what Stefano had to say to Dr. Dan in an e-mail after the race:

“Hello Dan,

Congratulations!!!! You have won twice: for you (great) and for me. You did a great job with my leg and I followed your advice during the race with success. Thank you very much. You are a great man not only because of your wonderful hands but also because you know how to talk to sport people.

Remember that you have a friend in Italy.



Dr. Dan with Italian Triathlete Stefano Massa.

Dr. Dan with Italian Triathlete Stefano Massa.

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