Jensen Beach Florida Triathlon A Huge Success


Numerous locals who live the “TriLife,” come to participate in this local Florida triathlon

Last Sunday, July 12, 2015, Jensen Beach Florida hosted it’s 3rd Annual TriLife  Florida Triathlon.  This years event was close to being sold out!  Many local triathletes from the treasure coast came to compete among many other athletes from all over Florida.  Vital Wellness has been a sponsor of this Florida triathlon since the TriLife event landed here in Jensen Beach, FL.  The race consisted of two different distances, Sprint distance and Olympic distance.  The sprint distance includes a 400m swim in the ocean, 11.7 mile bike ride along A1A and finishing with a 3.1 mile(5K) run.  The Olympic distance includes a 1500m swim in the ocean, 23.4 mile bike ride (2 loops) along A1A and finishing with a 6.2 mile (10K) run.

Dr. Daniel Rukeyser and Dr. Kurt Barnhill competed in the TriLife Olympic distance and were a Vital sponsor for the event…

Florida Traithlon Swim Start

The start of the women’s Olympic triathlon Sunday morning

The local TCT (Treasure Coast Triathlete) athletes were a huge part of this race.  Some competed in the Olympic and some the Sprint distance.  Whichever the distance may have been, triathletes have to be confident and competent in three sports (swimming, cycling, and running).  Those that are runners may have a hard time swimming, or those that are swimmers may have a hard time cycling, or those that are cyclists may have a hard time running and swimming…  Three disciplines are difficult to master and takes motivation, perseverance, and strength.

Florida Triathlon Finish

Two local triathletes battle for the finish.

Dr. Daniel Rukeyser and Dr. Kurt Barnhill have been competing in triathlons and know the limitations that can occur physically when trying to shave seconds or minutes off your swim/bike/run times.  Heavy, vigorous training will put stress on the bodies tissues (muscle, ligaments, and tendons) and if these tissues are not performing as they should, failure is likely to occur.  At these events Dr. Rukeyser and Dr. Barnhill perform Functional Movement Analysis or a Selective Functional Movmenent Analysis (SFMA) to make sure the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body are within normal limits.  If one movement seems to be questionable, the doctors can use an algorithmic approach to quickly determine and diagnose what problems may be arising and therefore treat these dysfunctions before they damage any tissue leading to pain.

Listed below are the local triathletes that strive for the best performance and best results!  Keep training smart!


 SPRINT:  Dale Ruby, Joe Miller, Michelle Tovar, Marilyn Harris, Kashka Tarka, Robert Haviland, John Blakeslee, Peg Murphy, Eric Lipp, Jason Alviene, Marissa Cook


OLYMPIC: Daniel Rukeyser, Kurt Barnhill, Daniel Newman, Amanda Morgan,  Tracy Fisher, Megan Hyndman, Chris Bertorelli, Matt Monaco, Heather Jordan, Beth Hunt, Mike Montgomery, Tammy Monaco.


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