Physical Therapy

Heat, Ice, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Cold Laser and Ultrasound

Vital Wellness Center Laser TherapyAll “Therapeutic Modalities” performed in the Center have been shown to decrease the time it takes for your body to heal. Really, these procedures are borrowed from other types of treatments like Physical Therapy and Orthopedics. By themselves they can’t reduce or eliminate misalignment or change poor movement patterns so we will use them to help alleviate pain, muscle spasm and inflammation, as well as help restore normal circulation to the healing area.


Stretching and Range of Motion Exercises

physical therapist ft pierce flBecause we know that misalignment, subluxation and pain can all cause muscle tension and poorly affect the way your body moves, your doctor may recommend very specific stretching and exercises to help restore normal function to your spine and the rest of your body. At first you’ll learn how to perform these exercises safely with the help of our trained Chiropractic Assistant staff. Later we’ll show you how you can help yourself get better faster by doing some simple exercises at home.


Endurance and Strength Building Exercises

physical therapist stuart flThe hard work pays off! Just ask any of our patients that have experienced amazing changes when they take our Endurance and Strength Building Exercise program. Whether it’s to recover from auto accident injuries, sports related injuries or just to lose weight and look better for the summer, building muscle endurance and strength has amazing results! Studies show that people who are fit suffer less injuries, get sick less, reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and are even less likely to get cancer!