Because Vital Wellness Center offers much more than Chiropractic Care…

If you are new to Vital Wellness Center you may notice that the center has many diverse treatments and procedures that we use to help our patients achieve wellness and fitness!  Even if you’ve been to other chiropractic offices some of our procedures may seem different to what you are used to.  We hope that this information will answer some of your questions.

Evidence Based

Everything we do here at Vital Wellness Center is “evidence based”.  That means that the treatment or procedure or exercise has been shown to help our patients reach their health goals.  Whether it’s for pain relief; to help restore better nervous system functioning; improve body movement, strength or flexibility; or to help to heal damaged tissue or herniated discs; we do it because we know it will help.  Evidence may come from scientific studies or from our own experiences with patients, either way you’ll know that everything we do has been proven effective.

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