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Massage Therapy and Manual Therapy

 Massage and Manual Therapy Stuart FL

Manual Therapy can be a vital part of the treatment plan.

At Vital Wellness Center we are proud to have great licensed Massage Therapists on staff. Studies show, and our experience proves, that Massage and Manual Therapy together with Chiropractic care and specific functional, corrective exercises achieves greater results than any one separately. Chiropractic adjustments help to restore normal function to the spine and nervous system and massage helps to restore normal function to the muscles. Massage helps to relieve pain and tension, can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Manual Therapy can help to facilitate healing in injured areas faster.

Massage and Manual Therapy are effective treatments for auto injuries, sports injuries and chronic pain.  Really, any time soft tissue, like muscle, tendon, fascia, and nerves are involved, massage and manual therapy may be recommended to speed the treatment process.  Often, very painful or stubborn problems like Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome and sprain-strain injuries like whiplash can be resolved with just a few sessions.

The key is to be sure that the Massage or Manual Therapist is working closely with your doctor or physical therapist to maximize the benefit.  At Vital Wellness Center all therapists meet with your physician regularly to improve your treatment.  This team approach ensures that you get the best possible care, all the time.

With therapists trained in many different approaches including trigger point therapy, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM), Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Active Release Techniques (ART) and sports massage, your treatment is customized to your needs.  Need a relaxing, stress-reducing session?  Need deep tissue work for a nagging problem?  The therapists at Vital Wellness Center have you covered!

For Massage and Manual Therapy in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, and Ft. Pierce, Florida call our office today.