Swim Injury Can’t Stop this Star


Sara is a superstar in so many ways…

and we are so happy to have played a small part in her success thus far.  Swim Injuries can be tough because they are nearly always related to a bio-mechanical issue.  But when Sara showed up at Vital Wellness Center with a nagging hamstring swim injury, we knew she was serious about getting over it quickly.  And, that’s just what she did.  It takes the full package with great support to make it in competitive swimming and that’s just what Sara has.  Great coaching, family, drive, skill and staying “tuned up” at Vital Wellness Center all came together for Sara!  Congratulations Sara, we’re so proud of  you!  Here’s Sara:Treasure Coast Sports Chiropractor - Vital Wellness Center

“As a competitive swimmer of the past 12 years, I’m no stranger to aches and pains. They come with the territory of training year-round, and competing regularly. I’ve learned that if I ignore a little ache, it can turn into a real big pain [swim injury].

Dr. Dan Rukeyser and the staff at Vital Wellness Center have kept me performing at my peak and helped me achieve many of my swimming goals.

Swim Injury get’s real…

I started coming to Vital Wellness after my first high school season. I’d had a nagging hamstring issue that became full-blown at my state meet. Dr. Dan took the time to thoroughly assess my problem, listen to my concerns and come up with a comprehensive plan to heal and strengthen my leg, always sensitive to the fact that I needed to continue training.

Because I train all year, I regularly come in for evaluations, adjustments and massages, to keep me in race-ready shape. The care and attention from Dr. Dan and the Vital Wellness staff has always made me feel like we’re all a team, together working toward making me a better athlete.

I am fortunate to have only suffered two serious injuries in my sport, and even more fortunate to have the Vital Wellness team to help see me through both of them. The diagnostic and physical tests, regular adjustments and massages, strengthening exercises and training adjustments were all crucial to my healing and long-term success.

During the past four years, I have broken team records, consistently improved swim times in all strokes, increased my level of competition and have become a stronger, healthier swimmer. This April, I signed my National Letter of Intent to swim for Towson University in Maryland, on a partial athletic scholarship.Treasure Coast Sports Chiropractor - Vital Wellness Center

Realizing these dreams has been largely the result of hard work and great coaching… but I also give credit and big thanks to Dr. Dan and his amazing staff at Vital, for keeping me healthy and strong in and out of the pool.Treasure Coast Sports Chiropractor - Vital Wellness Center

Sara M. Lacusky
Martin County Aquatics
MCHS Swim & Dive Class of 2015
Towson University Swim & Dive Class of 2019

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