Vital’s Addie Wins Badwater Cape Fear Despite Ankle Injury

Addie wins Badwater Cape Fear.

An ankle injury just days before puts the pressure on…

“Last week I thought I might have had to drop out of Badwater Cape Fear.”  Addie admits that she gets “Taper Madness” but her ankle was hurting bad enough that she knew there was something wrong leading up to this race.  “Then Dr. Dan and Dr. Kurt [of Vital Wellness Center] worked on it and assured me that it would be fine.”

Ankle injury treatment | Vital Wellness Center

Addie winning Cape Fear!

Badwater, a group of races that test competitors like no other, takes place in Cape Fear every March.  And with the 50 Kilometer course leading runners for about 20 miles on the soft sand beach it is a major challenge for anyone.  “That beach section was really intimidating with my ankle acting up I was really nervous.”  Addie says, looking back to the last few days before making the trip up to the famous North Carolina coast.  “At high tide it was pretty awful because the sand was so soft but besides a bit of stiffness my ankle held up well.  I think everything else hurt way worse.”  A testament to the difficulty of running any Badwater event.

“I didn’t know I was winning until the last mile!”  But she did win what she considers to be her toughest race so far in her Ultra-marathon career.  “Now on to Boston in less than 30 days!”  Addie, who has qualified for The Boston Marathon for the last two years says that she relies on Vital Wellness Center to help keep her healthy throughout a demanding training schedule.  “Treating these little things before they become major injuries is the key for me.  I know that Dr. Dan and Dr. Kurt will be able to tell me what’s going on and take care of it.”

Ankle injury treatment | Vital Wellness Center

Addie getting interviewed.

Minor running injuries are common and usually simple to take care of using a functional approach and soft tissue treatment techniques.  The bigger injuries are often the result of letting these minor problems linger and trying to “run through” them.  Your body will usually try to compensate and that’s where the bigger problems arise.  Addie’s minor ankle injury was easily diagnosed and treated with Active Release Technique and some easy corrective exercises.

“With Badwater Cape Fear, Boston and The Keys 100 so close together I would say that it’s critical for me to keep on top of these things.”  Good advice for anyone.

Congratulations Addie, we are all so proud of you.

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