Vital’s Swimmers Making the Laps Count


Perfect conditions for swimmers at the Aaron Vaughn Frogman Swim produced perfect performances…

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Cameron Anderson finishing 1st in the 5K Swim

Our local swim stars, Harley Canada, Adeline Canada, Cameron Anderson and Emily Miller swept the board at the 4th Annual Frogman Swim this past weekend at Jensen Beach.

The Frogman swim is a local open water swim at Jensen Beach that honor’s a memorable American, Aaron Vaughn.

Aaron, a member of the Navy Seal Team VI, was killed from a helicopter crash on August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan.  This helicopter was carrying 30 other American soldiers on board who also lost their lives with Aaron Vaughn.  This crash represented the single largest loss of lives in Naval Special Warfare history.

Participants traveled from all over to swim either the 200yd, 1K, or 5K distance.  Leave it to our local swimmers to sweep the boards and finish with podium spots!  All four of these featured athletes are smart when it comes to the sport of swimming.  Each week these athletes are pushed to the limits by coaches and training schedules.  Not only are they training once a day but mostly twice!  Having to complete these vigorous training schedules even the healthiest of athletes will develop minor aches and pains.  These athletes stay in tune with their own physiology and when the slightest of pains arise they take initiative and get it checked out at Vital Wellness Center immediately.  Dr. Daniel Rukeyser and Dr. Kurt Barnhill have been keeping not only just these 4 competitive swimmers back in the water, but many others throughout the Treasure Coast.  Through a quick Functional Movement Analysis the doctors here at Vital Wellness Center can find the root cause of your complaint.

Cameron Anderson swam the 5k distance.  The course layout consisted of two large buoys placed approximately 500 meters apart.  Athletes were required to swim north around one buoy and then back south around the other buoy 5 times.  Cameron was the first athlete out of the water with a time of 1:08:18.  There was no one even close to taking his lead.  Cameron was 2 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of the second place male.  Stunning performance!

Treasure Coast Sports Chiropractor - Vital Wellness Center

Adeline and Harley Canada

Adeline Canada (left) and Harley Canada (right) swam the 200 yard event at the Frogman Swim.  The course consisted of a buoy placed approximately 100 meters out in the ocean and athletes were required to swim to the buoy and back for a total of 200 yards.  Harley was first male overall in a time of 4:26!  Right behind him was Harley’s sister Adeline who swam the 200 yards in 5:06!  Great performance by the Canada’s sweeping the board.

Treasure Coast Sports Chiropractor - Vital Wellness Center

Emily Miller

Emily Miller is an up and coming superstar swimmer.  Emily participated in the 1K event which consisted of one lap around the set buoys.  The 1K swim was the most popular distance out at the Frogman swim.  Emily competed against the majority of females who signed up for this event.  Out of the 31 females that competed Emily was the 2nd overall female out of the water with a time of 17:57.  Nice job Emily!

It’s an honor to be a Vital part of these athlete’s journey.  Keep swimming strong!

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